Review: K-20: The Legend of the Black Mask (2008)

K-20 The Legend of the Black Mask 00

Anime Reporter delves into a fictional version of 1940’s Japan for all of the masks, capes, mystery and pulp style anti-heroics you could hope to fit into just over two hours. K-20: The Legend of the Black Mask, (also known as Kē-Tuentī: Kaijin Nijū Mensō Den in Japanese, K-20 Legend of the Mask and The Fiend with Twenty Faces), is both written and directed by Shimako Sato and based on the novels of So Kitamura.

K-20 The Legend of the Black Mask 11


Set in the year 1949 in a Japan where World War 2 never took place, K-20 is a tale of two starkly contrasting classes within the country. The ultra-privileged nobility live in extreme comfort and excess while the poor work and toil in order to barely feed themselves. Nobody is allowed to improve their class or status and changing jobs is forbidden. Meanwhile, a masked villain, a master of disguise and despicable thief, K20, is Read more ›

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Review- Witch Hunter (Buster) manhwa Volumes 11-12

Heavy Lies the Crown.

Anime Reporter returns to the world of Witch Hunter, (or Witch Buster, if you’re American), to take a peek at Volumes 11-12 of witch-clobbering action. If you’re new to the series, check out the Anime Reporter review of the first volumes here.

Witch Hunter Buster manhwa Volume 11_12 (10)

If you insist on venturing further, be warned.

Spoiler Warning

Witch Hunter has been a series which has gone through some high and low points in a short time. While its humour and mythological premise were interesting and enjoyable at first, these soon faded into the background, obscured by thinly woven plots surrounding witches that we were assured are evil and the general idea that they spend a lot of time meeting together and plotting sinister things. When that wasn’t happening, action and exposition felt like little more than opportunities to put a variety of cleavage on display in the place of a meaningful storyline.

Witch Hunter Buster manhwa Volume 11_12 (13)

Well, there’s certainly Read more ›

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Review – Kill la Kill Collection 01 – (Episodes 1-8)

Kill la Kill Collection 01 07

Anime Reporter sets the scene for Kill la Kill Collection 01 (Episodes 01-08), the bizarre anime where character are literally dressed(-ish) to kill.

Kill la Kill Collection 01 01 Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi arrives as Honnouji Academy, eager to get some answers about her father’s murder, and she’s not necessarily going to be polite about it. Her chief suspect, and the only person she’s interested in talking to, is a rather stern example of a student body president, Satsuki Kiryuin.

Kill la Kill Collection 01 12

The biggest problem with that is that Honnouji Academy has a whole lot of… not exactly red tape. Students are ranked with a number of stars. By far the most common ranking is zero stars, with the students effectively having no power or influence in the school, or even in the large city surrounding the academy. Club members seem to be mostly made up of one-star students, with club presidents receiving two stars. Satsuki’s elite inner council, made of four students, are granted three stars, effectively serving as her generals Read more ›

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Review – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


Anime Reporter turns to the world of Western cinema to talk about The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. If you’re reading this and don’t know the details of the first two Hobbit films, then I appreciate you coming to, but you’re wandering directly into spoilers territory. If you’d like to skip major plot details, you can just skip to the bottom part of this review, where a checklist has been provided for your convenience.

At the end of the second film, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, the second and more dragony of the two title characters Read more ›

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Review – Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) manga Volume 18

Black Butler vol 18 cover

Anime Reporter returns to the world of demons and decorum, monsters and masters, evil and etiquette, for a peek into Black Butler, (Kuroshitsuji in Japanese), Volume 18. Volume 18 is made up of chapters 82-87 of the series and sees the Weston College arc come to a close.

"Run, you fool! Leave the crumpets and go!"

“Run, you fool! Leave the crumpets and go!”


Newcomers and fans of the series unacquainted with the events of Volume 17 would do best to avoid this review, for there be spoilers in its depths. But worry not, there are still plenty of earlier reviews to choose from here.

Spoiler Warning

Screenshot_2014-11-25-20-53-09When Volume 17 came to a close, it was with the revelation that the principal, the revered and respected, all powerful and unquestioned, (am I overselling this?), headmaster of the school was none other than Undertaker himself. Ciel Phantomhive’s and Sebastian’s one time ally, revealed as a former shinigami and all-around diabolical villain. The revelations don’t stop there; we’re given the scoop on why and how exactly Derrick Arden was killed and the answer may Read more ›

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Review – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Dragon Ball Z- Battle of the Gods 07

Anime Reporter heads back to the high-flying, hard-hitting world of Dragon Ball Z to bring my take on the latest film of the franchise; Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.  This film is notable for being the first Dragon Ball film to be released in seventeen years, but also as the first Dragon Ball film to be named as an official part of Dragon Ball canon, said to take place during the timeskip between issues 517 and 518 of the manga.

Dragon Ball Z- Battle of the Gods 00

If you’re interested in watching this film, there’s an excellent chance that you’re already pretty familiar with the series but be warned, there are some spoilers for the original series within this film and this review.

Spoiler Warning

So, our filmatic journey begins with Goku doing what he usually does during times of peace, training for what he would consider to be more interesting times. While going for a nice little jog, he notices King Kai in deep conversation, a conversation he’s eager to keep secret from Goku. Goku eventually manages to Read more ›

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Giovanni’s Island DVD release – Monday December 8th


This Monday, 8th of December 2014 sees the UK release of Giovanni’s Island on DVD and ‘Ultimate Edition’ from Anime Limited. Anime Reporter reviewed the film during its festival premiere some time back and I have to say, it’s more than worth a look. If you’d like to find out just why that is, feel free to check out the original review here.

If that floats your boat, you might also be interested in a look at Anime Reporter’s interview with Mizuho Nishikubo, the Director of Giovanni’s Island.


If you urgently need a great piece of animated cinema to watch without the time to read my full verdict, let it suffice to say that this film is a masterpiece… but you’ll still have to wait until Monday for the DVD.




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