Review- Toriko manga Volume 27

Toriko manga Volume 27 cover

Anime Reporter picks up the latest helping of Toriko manga in Volume 27 (that’s chapters 235-243, in case you were wondering). Fans of the series shouldn’t need to be reminded of the intense events that have brought the series thus far and newcomers to Toriko can just stop right there because you won’t want this spoiled for you.

Toriko manga Volume 27 (2)


Spoiler Warning

Just, just trust me.

I’m a stranger on the internet, so, you know, take my advice.

Toriko manga Volume 27 (4)

Okay, that’s not a helpful piece of advice. Just, trust me, if you’re curious about Toriko, you’re infinitely better off looking at the first Toriko review I did all the way over here, because after two hundred plus chapters, these spoilers could ruin a large chunk of the series for you, and that’s just not what I want.

Toriko manga Volume 27 (5)

Alright, obligatory extended spoiler alert issued, we shall press on.

Last volume, (reviewed here), saw Toriko and Starjun going head to head with Komatsu as the grand prize. Toriko’s  been training up for this day for a long time now but both sides have some serious surprises to unveil and the fight will only get more intense as the volume progresses. About half of the volume deals with the one-on-one clash, with a couple of flashbacks and side-fights thrown in for good measure. There’s been plenty of build up to this clash and it doesn’t disappoint. Keeping things moving quickly, and bloodily, we see both Toriko and Starjun coming up with a barrage apiece of techniques we haven’t encountered before with some truly graphic consequences.

Toriko manga Volume 27 (6)

We get Read more ›

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Review- Bleach Season 15 Part 01 (episodes 317-329)

Bleach Season 13 Part 01 Title Screen

Anime Reporter types words on a computer, occasionally pausing to check social media, eat snack food and try to construct a theme song for myself in my head, and I do this all in the name of reviewing Bleach Season 15 Part 01 (episodes 317-329). Assuming that you’re familiar with the concept of seasons, episodes, numbers or spoilers, the following alert should be entirely unnecessary.

Spoiler Warning

For my review on the second part of Season 14, click here.

Well, Karakura Town and the Soul Society are finally being returned to normal. The Soul Reapers are putting the final touches on restoring the human town to its rightful state and everyone’s just about poised to breathe a sigh of relief… which is probably the most foolish thing a character can do at the beginning of a season. Some oddities arise when Soul Reapers encounter a pretty steep time delay between the human world and the Soul Society after they’ve restored Karakura and, what’s creepier, aggressive and, far less Read more ›

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Review- Blood Lad manga Volume 06

Blood Lad manga cover Volume 06

Anime Reporter brings you the scoop on Blood Lad manga Volume 06 (chapters 26-30) . For my review of the first volumes, you can go ahead and click here. For my Volume 05 review click here. For a picture of an orange smoothie, click here. Otherwise, beware of spoilers and an abundance… of ellipses…

Spoiler Warning


Well, if you’re here, you know the story so far, you don’t care about spoilers, you’re curious about whether that smoothie thing will be explained at any point in this review (it won’t), or you’re not entirely sure about what ellipses are and you’re hoping to find out. Well… good luck with that one…

Blood Lad manga Volume 06 (6)


Volume 05 left us on a pretty dramatic cliff-hanger, introducing us to Fuyumi and Bell’s rather Read more ›

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Review- One Piece Film: Z


Anime Reporter heads back to the Grand Line for some theatrical pirating adventure in One Piece film: Z.

One Piece Film Z 00 title screen

Even big time One Piece fans might be well warned to stay away from this film. If you know what the Grand Line is, but you’re not familiar with the New World, you’re definitely still not ready for Z. While many One Piece films stay away from established characters of the series, this film draws on them, really connecting the plot with that of the manga/anime series. While the events of this film shouldn’t spill out into the series, the reverse is definitely not true and viewers should be well versed in One Piece before daring to approach.

One Piece Film Z 01

If you’re just about up to date with the latest DVD release in the UK and Ireland (here), then you’re definitely not up to speed for this film. In other words:

Spoiler Warning

The plot is relatively straightforward to begin with. One Piece has long been a story of pirates versus marines, with quite a few radical factions on both sides. Z introduces a third Read more ›

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Same-Sex Marriage (Some Strong Language)

Anime Reporter Gatchaman Crowds episode 04

Anime Reporter is taking just a little time away from reviews this Tuesday to bring you a message. I promise, this isn’t the beginning of a political or preachy new era at, I just feel like this is something that needs to be discussed at the moment and that I should make use of all channels to do so.

Actually, you know what… I think this topic is something that deserves a real face behind the words. For now, we’ll forego my self-appointed title. Call me Ronan.

Ronan "Anime Reporter" Daly.

Ronan “Anime Reporter” Daly.

I’m talking about same sex-marriage, or, more specifically, about the upcoming referendum in Ireland to legalise same-sex marriage. Anyone who’s familiar with my article on, or even just my own Facebook page, will already be more than familiar with my stance on the matter. But, since my Facebook page isn’t open to everyone, I’ve decided to include one of my recent posts here. I welcome comments and discussion on the matter. What follows amounts only to my opinion after some thought on the matter, but it is my honest opinion. Please know that my aim is not to offend anyone’s beliefs or lifestyle.

My aim is only Read more ›

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Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water release date

Just a friendly heads up for anime fans highly anticipating Animatsu Entertainment’s release of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water- the complete series.


The release date has been pushed back a wee bit to June 22nd 2015, something which is pretty understandable as this is Animatsu’s first big Collector’s Edition to be released and, with just under 1,000 minutes worth of episodes in this iconic series, I think we can all agree it’s most definitely worth the wait.

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Review- Alone (2007)

Alone 00

Anime Reporter keeps all the lights on and covers all the mirrors to bring you my take on Alone, the 2007 Thai horror film directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom, the duo who worked on the horror flick, Shutter, which is… terrifying.

The film starts off on the birthday of Pim, a young Thai woman living in Korea with her boyfriend, Wee. Pim’s birthday party is going well, with plenty of merry-making and banter, but, after things wind down, she gets an unfortunate call telling her that her mother has been hospitalised in Thailand and it doesn’t look good. Pim and Wee make the trek back to her hometown to look after her mother and her house until she can be released from hospital. While there, Pim is hit with reminder after reminder of the conjoined twin sister she left behind, Ploy. We learn that Ploy died years earlier when the sisters were separated though it not something anyone seems too keen to talk about.

When mirrors and dreams start to conjure up visions of a pale, grotesque double of Pim, it’s not long before spookiness ensues big time and Wee enlists the help of a psychiatrist to get to the bottom of what he sees as Pim’s manifestations of guilt and grief. Pim’s sure that it’s something else, something that’s been waiting for her and doesn’t want her to live anymore.

We’re also treated to a few flashbacks of the girls’ youth and the time when they first met Wee, as well as uncovering a few details of his involvement in the events leading to Ploy’s death. Read more ›

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