Review – Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Bayonetta- Bloody Fate 16

Bayonetta- Bloody Fate 00

Anime Reporter delves into the world of Bayonetta: Blood Fate, the first anime adaptation of Platinum Games’ video game, Bayonetta.

Bayonetta- Bloody Fate 01 Bayonetta

B:BF, (Not to be confused with the popular expressions Best Buds Forever and Boo: Batman Forever), is an adaptation of the first Bayonetta video game, with a few minor plot details changed. B:BF tells a not uncommon tale; heaven versus hell with a wee bit of forbidden love thrown in for good measure. Sages, on the side of heaven and order, waged a war against witches, who use their demonic magic to fight for the powers of chaos. Bayonetta (voiced by Atsuko Tanaka, who also voices the character in Bayonetta 2 in, Japanese and the character’s voice since the original game, Hellena Taylor, in English) appears to be a little bit of both, the shunned offspring of a witch and a sage, wielding some pretty formidable powers as a result. The most notable of this is one of “The Eyes of the World”, two sources of power which, if combined, would resurrect Jubileus (God), and begin Armageddon.

Bayonetta- Bloody Fate 17

But that’s not to say that Bayonetta’s a neutral party in all of this. No, she’s very much on Read more ›

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Review – Witch Hunter (Witch Buster in USA) Manhwa Volumes 07-08


Witch Hunter manhwa vol 07_08 (9)Anime Reporter returns to the world of Witch Hunter, the heavy-hitting fantasy manhwa fresh out of Jung-Man Cho’s imagination. As you’ve more than likely noticed from the title, I’ll be taking a look at Volumes 07-08, (Chapters 25 – 38), of the series, so if you’re unfamiliar with the plot thus far, you’re probably better off taking a look at my first take on the series here.

When last we saw young Tasha, our fearless and money-grubbing protagonist, he was facing down quite a few mighty witches and Read more ›

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Review – Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 01

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 01 00

Anime Reporter strolls down Nostalgia Lane for a glance at the very first season, (that’s a pretty hefty 49 episodes), of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the anime series set around a duelling card game that pits magical and fantastic monsters against each other.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 01 02

Starting way back in 1996, Yu-Gi-Oh! rose to great popularity as an anime, but also as a manga, a trading card game and a series of video games. The plot revolves around young Yugi Moto, a kind-hearted boy with an extraordinary haircut as well as an ancient Egyptian artefact which grants him a few special Read more ›

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Review – The Devil is a Part-Timer! Complete Series

The Devil is a Part Timer 00

Anime Reporter sinks its teeth into The Devil is a Part Timer (episodes 01-13), the satirically-satanic anime adaptation of Satoshi Wagahara’s light novel.

It's not easy being king.

It’s not easy being king.

The tale starts off with a bit of a history lesson on the world of Ente Isla, a world filled with magic which has been concerned by the Devil lord, Satan, and his four equally demonic generals. When the world seemed all but within his grasp, a human hero rose up and inspired people to fight back, effectively turning around the entire war. Three of Satan’s four generals were eventually defeated and when the enraged forces of humanity came knocking on his castle door, Satan was forced to make a risky retreat to another dimension with his remaining general, Alciel.


The Devil is a Part Timer 02 hero

Now the fun begins. Satan and Alciel find themselves on Read more ›

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Review – Witch Hunter Manhwa Volumes 05-06

Witch Hunter manhwa volumes 05-06

Anime Reporter dishes up some more massively magical manhwa mayhem with Witch Hunter manhwa volumes 05-06 (Chapters 17-24). Carrying on from where we left off last time (here), the tale shifts a few gears and introduces us just a little bit more to the world of Witch Hunter.

Screenshot_2014-10-30-12-36-06-1Quick recap on what we know so far: A few hundred years ago, witches declared war on humanity. Witches are women with access to huge stores of magical energy which they can process through their hats. When someone becomes a witch, it is usual for their magical powers to corrupt them and for little of their human personalities to remain intact. There are four head witches controlling four different territories, North, South, East and West. In the centre between these territories is the centre, where WH has their headquarters. WH (Witch Hunters) work to defeat the enemies of humanity and several witches and non-witch magic-users are among their ranks. Up until now, the series has focused mainly on Tasha Goodspell and his
Read more ›

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Review – Attack on Titan Part 02

Attack on Titan Part 02 10

Anime Reporter delves back into the dangerous world of Attack on Titan for part 2 (episodes 14 – 25) of the anime extravaganza!

Attack on Titan Part 02 06

Now, doubtless, most anime fans have been hearing about Attack on Titan for yonks now, but in the possible event that you have no idea what it is, feel free to take a gander at my review of Part 01 of the anime or perhaps my first of many reviews of the manga series. In any case, if you’re new to AoT, no good can come from further reading of this review.

Spoiler Alert

Phew, okay, now that it’s just those of us who caught up with Part One, we can all stop acting like our minds weren’t blown by it! Some serious, visceral action and more shock twists than a faulty electric twisting machine, (I don’t know, it could be a thing!), made it one of the most talked about anime debuts in many a year. Part 2 continues onward with Read more ›

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Exciting News for Zelda Fans!


At long, long last, the time has arrived. Fans of the N64 Zelda games have been clamouring for a 3ds remake of Majora’s Mask pretty much as soon as they finished Ocarina of Time. Finally, it has been announced, that this game is being released. For years, fans have had to deal with fake announcements and fan-made trailers teasing us with the hope of something that seemed like it might never arrive. But our day has come.


Nintendo have released a trailer showcasing some of the more memorable cutscenes and characters from the game with graphics updated just enough to look like what you think you remember from the original.

Spring 2015 really can’t come fast enough as far as this fan is concerned, but for now, I’m just truly happy that this news is confirmed at last!

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