Review- Bakuman manga Volume 05 (chapters 35-43)

Bakuman manga Volume 05 cover

Anime Reporter writes the coverage of the manga about the boys writing a manga about… well, not about writing or manga, so the levels of meta-writing taper off there. In any case, I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on Bakuman manga Volume 05 (chapters 35-43)

It’s not really advisable to read any further if you’re not familiar with the series and I’d recommend the more spoiler-free environment of my Volume 01 review, but I’m sure you know what you’re doing.

Spoiler Warning

Bakuman manga Volume 05 (2)Okay, well, Volume 04 finished on a bright note, with the boys and their budding detective series just given the green light for serialisation. While there was some fairly steep competition just to get their manga turned into an ongoing series, now that it’s happened, things are only going to get more competitive. There are some big changes coming for Mashiro and Takagi, including three shiny new assistants to help with the manga and, unfortunately, a change of Read more ›

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Review- Harlock Space Pirate (2013)

Harlock Space Pirate 02

Anime Reporter takes to the high skies for Harlock: Space Pirate. Space Pirate Captain Harlock, to use the full translation of its Japanese title, is a 2013 CGI feature film based on the manga and anime series of the same name. With the original series’ original run in the late seventies, you can be sure that there are more than a few stylistic changes around this film.

Harlock Space Pirate 09

“Far, far in the future… Or perhaps the distant past… the human race spread across the galaxy, establishing colonies on distant planets.” Unfortunately, humanity didn’t find an abundantly stocked universe, overflowing with advanced, helpful life forms and with limited resources, things are looking pretty grim for us. Making things even more complicated, when everyone realised that outer space didn’t have a whole lot to offer and tried to return to Earth, there was a little awkward moment when they realised that the human population had grown out of control while they were out and Earth definitely couldn’t accommodate them all.

Harlock Space Pirate 05

This led to Earth being designated as officially off limits, for the good of the planet, and humanity returned to its distant colonies to pretty much just run out the clock. One hundred years go by and humanity has gotten used to worshipping the Earth from afar and otherwise lazes around, getting drunk. Except for…

Harlock Space Pirate 06

Captain Harlock and the crew of the Arcadia, space pirates with their own mission in mind and not much concern for the rules of others. With Captain Harlock himself rumoured to be an immortal, and with the Arcadia being the only dark matter ship in the Read more ›

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Review- Bakuman manga Volume 04

Bakuman manga Volume 04 (1)

Anime Reporter brings you my take on Bakuman manga Volume 04, (that’s chapters or “pages” 26-34). Naturally, this review will contain a few plot points developing from earlier volumes so be wary of spoilers. If you want the final verdict, just scroll to the bottom of the review for the final summary or take a peek at my Volume 1 review here.

If you’re confident that no number of Volume 1-3 spoilers can hurt you, then by all means, proceed. Read more ›

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Anime Reporter went to Anime Dublin


Ronan Daly

Yesterday, April 11th, was Anime Dublin, a small, one-day anime convention held in, that’s right, you guessed it, the middle of Dublin city. Anime Reporter was lucky enough to attend in my live-action identity of Ronan Daly, (i.e. that guy in the Squirtle Squad t-shirt).


While the convention is relatively small in scale, it boasts a pretty constant buzz of activity between its three large conference halls. In one, there was a near-constant stream of pretty obscure and also pretty excellent anime series subtitled with Japanese audio. In another room, a variety of video games systems were set up for people to compete in some pretty novel games, with retro classics like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and the Gamecube version of Super Smash Bros, to a few more modern titles like Call of Duty and Super Street Fighter 4.


There was also a pretty excellent level of merch available for sale and it was all this anime reporter could do to avoid running to the nearest ATM and bankrupting myself.

20150411_100058 20150411_100128 20150411_095918 20150411_095928 20150411_095944 20150411_100006

Yes, the merch was indeed strong in this one.

Not only that, but, despite the cons restrictive numbers (maximum 350 attendees), there was a Read more ›

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Review- Death Note live action film (2006)

Death Note Live Action 00 Title Screen

Anime Reporter took some very tentative steps to watch and review Death Note, the first of two live-action film adaptations of the Death Note manga made in 2006.

Death Note Live Action 04 L Watari

While the plots do certainly differ to a certain extent, many vital scenes and plot points are shared between the film and its manga and anime source materials. While this review will go into further detail, I feel that I really should take the opportunity to say right now that anyone who hasn’t seen the anime or read the manga should absolutely not go to the live action films first. First and foremost, it has to be said, these films are not superior to the anime, though they could certainly spoil some of the great twists that are the series’ trademark.

Spoiler Warning

While readers have no doubt figured out that I’m a pretty major fan of the Death Note series, I’ll be trying to judge this film on its own merits for most of my review. You can skip down towards the end of the article for a more direct comparison with the anime series.

Death Note Live Action 01 criminal dead

Light Yagami, (played by Battle Royale and Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler’s Tatsuya Fujiwara) is a bright young law student, who’s not too happy with the poor state of the justice system in the world. When he learns that violent, remorseless criminals often escape Read more ›

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Review: Bakuman manga Volume 03

Bakuman manga Volume 03 (6)

Anime Reporter returns once more for the manga story about the making of manga stories, Bakuman Volume 03 (chapters 17-25).

While Volume 03 is early days for this series, newcomers will find more joy in my Volume 01 review here.

Bakuman manga Volume 03 cover

Well, our two determined manga-makers are still at it, not too overwhelmed by the imposing shadow cast by the eccentric and brilliant Eiji. As of last volume, the two boys have changed up their tactics, trying to create something action-heavy and mainstream, turning their backs on their pretty popular, off-the-beaten-track stories and their moderate success. They’ll be locking horns directly with their Read more ›

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Review- One Piece anime Collection 09 (episodes 206-229)

One Piece Collection 09 00

Anime Reporter settles down to bring you the scoop, (that’s right, I said scoop), on One Piece anime Collection 09, (episodes206-229). Anyone less familiar with the series can find my reviews of Collections 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 by clicking on the appropriate number. If you’re even further out of the loop and would like to know about Collections 01 and 02, I’m afraid you may just have to take my word that this series is truly deserving of its fame and popularity and you probably owe it to yourself to at least check it out, (though the Collection 03 review does give a general overview as well).

One Piece Collection 09 09


If you’re quite unfamiliar with the first two hundred episodes of the series, you really shouldn’t look any further. Even basic details at this point will be serious spoilers for newcomers.

Spoiler Warning

Collection 09, as you might expect, carries on the action from the end of Collection 08, with the Strawhats still eager to escape from the very heart of a gigantic marine fortress. This arc is soon resolved and we move delightfully towards the Foxy Pirate Crew story arc. While the escape from the marine base was certainly an entertaining and well rounded storyline, the Foxy arc is One Piece at its best. The Strawhats, not faring too well on the sea, take refuge on a small island where things, (and by things I mean animals, plants, Read more ›

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