Review- Halo: Nightfall

Halo Nightfall 00 title screen

Anime Reporter hops up and down and tries to remember which button is for throwing grenades before settling down to watch Halo: Nightfall, the live-action film set in the same universe as the Halo video game series. Originally aired as a five episode mini-series, Nightfall serves as an effective prequel to Halo 5.

Halo Nightfall 03

‘It is the 26th Century.

Prolonged war between humanity and the fanatical alien alliance known as the Covenant has ended with a tenuous treaty.’

Halo Nightfall 01

Halo: Nightfall is the first release from Animatsu Entertainment and has already enjoyed a great deal of success since its release on DVD less than two weeks ago, reaching the Number 2 spot for new releases in the UK charts and hopefully it’s only the first of many successes for the company.

Halo Nightfall 04

The film kicks off with Jameson Locke and his elite team of soldiers investigating terrorist activity on the colony of Sedra when a certain alien species familiar to even casual Halo gamers makes its appearance, (although, this is a mercifully brief appearance as the CGI used is unquestionably lacking). What follows is an attack revealed to be more of a test. The Covenant has a new weapon, one which seemingly only targets human DNA, leaving other races alive. Luckily, (or more accurately because after completing their test, the Covenant doesn’t seem too bothered about covering up the evidence or eliminating witnesses), it’s possible to track Read more ›

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Review- Attack on Titan manga Volume 15

Attack on Titan manga Volume 15 (6)

Anime Reporter marches onwards with Attack on Titan manga Volume 15, (chapters 59-62), bringing you the verdict on the latest instalment of one of manga’s biggest baddest blockbusters at the moment.

Attack on Titan manga Volume 15 (4)

If you know nothing of what significance the words “Attack on Titan” might have when you put them in that particular order, then you may just benefit from taking a look at my take on the earliest chapters of the story here or by reading up on the anime series here. If you’re still drawing a few blanks and aren’t really sure what manga or anime are, then you could always benefit from a look at this intro to the concepts here. There really isn’t any valid reason at all why someone should need to take a look here.

If you’re pretty much familiar with Attack on Titan, but aren’t yet up to date with Volume 14, be warned, there will be a few spoilers running about this review, poking things that don’t belong to them, asking to try on your glasses and being rude to the elderly.

Spoiler Warning

Those of us acquainted with the series and who managed to get through that fairly wordy intro, shall press on!

Well, the Scouts and their rather ambitious and radical plan to overthrow the only remaining human government are actually making some rather good progress, even with those rather pesky, bloodthirsty mercenary cowboy-like folk doing a fairly solid job of hunting Read more ›

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Review- Bleach Season 14- Part 02, (and Anime Reporter’s little identity crisis)

Bleach Series 14 Part 02 06

Anime Reporter, (that’s me, by the way, I haven’t just been describing someone else’s thoughts for the past year), brings you the word on Bleach Series 14, Part 02, or episodes 304-316. As this series comes with the title “Fall of the Arrancar”, fans of the show shouldn’t be too surprised by certain events in this, the second half of the series.

Bleach Series 14 Part 02 05

Nonetheless, be warned: Spoilers may just be wandering about in the long grass somewhere.

Spoiler Warning

When we start the collection, (I mean, I could certainly understand why you might think it’s someone else doing the typing. I have been a bit inconsistent with the third and first person narratives from time to time.), Ichigo wakes to find himself , well, not quite as human as he remembered, or, to be more accurate, with the body of slightly more humans than he remembered.

Bleach Series 14 Part 02 01

Thankfully, this isn’t going to be a permanent look for him, and, (I’m pretty sure I used a lot of references to ‘us’ at the beginning as well. I think it was for setting up tone but I don’t know if that was really clear at the time.), though things soon move into a quite gothic motif, the series doesn’t take too long to get back on track.

Good old Hollows, you can depend on them.

Good old Hollows, you can depend on them.

Where precisely that track lies, for anyone who missed the first half of the series, is with Ichigo doing what he seems to enjoy doing the Read more ›

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Review – Bakuman manga Volume 01

Bakuman Volume 01 Cover

Anime Reporter takes a look at some true slice-of-life manga beginnings with Bakuman Volume 01 (chapters 01-07). Manga fans who aren’t interested in anything without magic, robots, life and death battles or otherworldly adventures may reconsider with the knowledge that this series was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the pair who graced the world with the phenomenon that was Death Note.

Bakuman Volume 01 (4)

Bakuman is centred on Mashiro, a fourteen year old student whose ambitions for life amount to getting decent grades, a well-paying job and generally trying to avoid disgracing his family. He’s also harbouring some very love-like feelings for Azuki, a girl in his class, but he doesn’t let himself believe anything might actually happen between them and settles for sketching her while she sits in class.

Bakuman Volume 01 (2)

Mashiro’s life takes a turn on pure happenstance when he accidentally leaves his notebook behind him at school one day. Rushing back to find it, he sees his notebook in the hands of Takagi Akito, the smartest student in his class who seems certain to achieve greatness in life. Mashiro is understandably shocked when this high-flyer returns his notebook with an Read more ›

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Review – Good Luck Girl! anime Series 1

Good Luck Girl! 02

Anime Reporter brings you the word on Good Luck Girl! Season One (episodes 01-13), the entirety, to date, of the anime based on Yoshiaki Sukeno’s manga series of the same name.

Good Luck Girl! 05

It’s worth noting that while this series and its premise are quite light-hearted and a lot of fun, some episodes deal hefty doses of fan-service and there’s generally a lot of focus on the main character’s breasts as well as one character with a pretty blatant love of S&M so parents may want to keep particularly young viewers away from this series.

Good Luck Girl! 10

Ichiko Sakura leads what many would consider to be a pretty good life. She has beauty, brains, athletic skill, wealth, an adoring butler and the adoration of all the boys in her class. Life is, on the whole, going fantastically for this sixteen year old.

More than a little too well, as it happens.

You see, there are two quite significant problems with Ichiko’s rather blessed life;

  1. She’s a terrible human being.
  2. Through some sort of cosmic loophole, Ichiko gets her incredible luck by inadvertently draining the good fortunes of anyone around her.

Good Luck Girl! 01

What this means is that before much longer, the people in Ichiko’s life will run out of luck and meet terrible fates, while she pretty Read more ›

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Terry Pratchett, R.I.P.

While this is well outside the world of anime and manga, I really do feel the need to say something about the death of this great man. Yesterday, March 12th, Terry Pratchett’s long struggle with health issues came to an end.
Sir Terry was and continues to be a huge source of inspiration in my life and any readers unfamiliar with his series of Discworld novels owe it to yourselves to become familiar.
His writing taught me that writing could be clever and still incredibly funny. He taught me that characters could be powerful, respected and magical but still complain about having to get up in the middle of the night to pee. Terry Pratchett redefined my perspective on what makes a book great and the world of storytelling has suffered a profound loss.
Terry Pratchett is my hero and will continue to be.

“It is said that your life passes before your eyes just before you die. That’s true. It’s called Life.” – Terry Pratchett

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Review – Attack on Titan manga Volume 14

Attack on Titan manga Volume 14 (3)

Anime Reporter gears up for some gargantuan storytelling for Attack on Titan manga Volume 14 (chapters 55-58). Naturally, there isn’t a lot of point in reading this if you aren’t up to date with the series so, if you’re brand new to the world of Attack on Titan, you can check out my take on the first manga volume here, or the anime review here.

Spoiler Warning

For those more familiar with the series, we’ll march proudly onwards and damn the consequences!

Attack on titan 14 manga cover

Well, as you no doubt remember, Volume 13 ended on a pretty climactic note, with the Survey Corps and their pretty nifty idea of overthrowing humanity’s only remaining government. What’s more, they somehow plan to do this without taking the lives of the king or any of his loyal soldiers. It’d be an impressive coup to go smoothly without loss of life, even if it wasn’t in the highly unstable climate of, you know, horrific giants which devour humans and some of which can also go undercover as humans whenever they fancy popping over the wall for a snack. The current government doesn’t seem to care too much for its citizens, habitually keeping them in the dark and not being particularly concerned with how many of them end up as titan food, so long as the status quo remains intact. It’s pretty easy to see why the Survey Corps might want to see someone else on the throne but it’s much harder to see how Read more ›

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