Avatar- The Last Airbender- Smoke and Shadows Parts 01 and 02. (It’s a comic, absolutely no M. Knight Shyamalan involvement, so don’t worry).

Avatar Last Airbender Smoke Shadows (1)

Anime Reporter talks the talk, (but doesn’t walk the walk because it’s cold outside and I have the flu right now) about Parts 1 and 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender- Smoke and Shadow, the official comic book follow-up to the Last Airbender animated series, but well before the events of Legend of Korra. Both Volumes are currently available from Dark Horse Comics.

Okay, so as I’ve said a few times before, I’m a huge fan of Avatar- the Last Airbender (or Legend of Aang, whichever you’d prefer to call it). It’s one of my all time favourite series, even going outside the specific categories of animation or “anime-like things”. It had a well developed, well-paced story, great, identifiable and endearing characters, complex and flawed heroes and villains, (particularly for a Nickelodeon family series.) and a conflict that, being one-hundred years in the making, had become a lot more complicated than Good vs. Evil. When it needed action, it had action that impressed and surprised, when it needed humour, it had the ability to surprise with its gags and its excellent comedic timing from cast members, as well as a phenomenal use of running jokes and visual humour. When this series needed heart… oh boy, let’s just say that it delivered before I start thinking about it too much and get all misty-eyed. This series is a triumph of animation and storytelling and that is why I want you to really pay attention when I say, if you aren’t familiar with the series, I really, truly need you to stop reading. Because I care. Because I don’t want to be responsible for ruining any detail of this series for anyone and what I’m about to review takes place after the third and final season of this series, although it also takes place many years before Legend of Korra, so don’t watch that either. Just… Just stop whatever you’re currently prioritising and watch Seasons 1-3 of Avatar the Last Airbender. I mean that, even if once you do, you don’t come back to read the rest of this review. It’s just my advice for part of living a worthwhile life. Go watch it. Then if you do happen to come back and read this, you’ll be doing so in a blissful, spoiler-free state.

Oh, and definitely don’t think that you can save time by watching the M. Knight Shyamalan film The Last Airbender! That movie is to the series what Dragonball Evolution was to Dragon Ball Z and so many of M. Knight Shyamalan’s film’s have been to films in general. Don’t watch it, don’t think about it, don’t acknowledge that it happened.

Okay, so we’re all safe and happy in post-spoiler existence here.  I hope.

Just to be safe, I’ll go ahead and put the more reviewy-part of this review right after a nice big “Read More” link.

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So I’ll just sit here and review One-Punch Man Volume 04, shall I?

One Punch Man manga Volume 04 cover

Anime Reporter spares some thoughts on the latest volume of One-Punch Man to be published in English.


One-Punch Man has been fairly knocking people’s socks off since its debut and, if you’ve read my reviews of the last three volumes, you’ll no doubt have noticed that my feet are similarly bare. Thus far, I’ve praised the series’ great sense of humour and lack of pretension, its main character who’s both clueless and unstoppable and its wonderful imagination in the cast of supporting characters, all sorts of wonderful parodies of superheroes and villains. Well, Volume 04 certainly has these things. It does the same marvellous job of portraying Saitama as the type of hero who’d beat up a skyscraper and then pick his nose and get more excited about the prospect of free food than saving the world. However, I do have something of a bone to pick with this particular volume, something fairly regrettable that I found in its pages… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Spoiler Alert3

One or two spoilers ahead, just so you know.

This volume starts things off with Saitama still ranking quite low in level-C of the Hero Association, despite his incredible strength. He’s doing what he can here and there to improve his rankings, while still struggling to keep up Genos’ devotion to him with Read more ›

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I’m kind of going to talk about Detective Conan now because it’s about bloody time!

Detective Conan Volume 01

Anime Reporter breaks a rather unnecessary, unintentional and self-inflicted silence on something that perhaps should have been said a long time ago and also pretends to talk to himself.

Robotics;Notes reporter2

Okay, so here’s the truth. A long time back, (you know, within the context of the almost two years that I’ve been writing here at animereporter.com, so like, anywhere between 9 and 15 months ago I guess), I said to myself “Anim-” (because only my parents call me by my full name) “Anim”, I said, “it’s well true time that you started getting ahead of the game. You love reading manga and you hate waiting, so why don’t you read as much as you want, reviewing it as you go and build up a nice healthy-sized reserve of reviews so that you’re never caught out by a deadline.”

“Repor”, I responded to my esteemed and sophisticated companion, “you’ve hit the nail on the head, you really have. I’ll start reading a new series now, in addition to the ones I’m currently reviewing, and save them up as a nice pile of reviews waiting to happen and then my life will become tremendously more organised, success, money and, I assume large amounts of Lego and Lego-themed video games will naturally flow to me and all will be as it should.”

“Anim, you’ve read my mind, you glorious, insightful rogue!”

This conversation, which thereafter mainly just consisted of exchanging compliments with myself, would continue for several hours, so it is perhaps best to simply sum it up by Read more ›

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Red Dwarf: Pretty Smeggin’ Awesome



Anime Reporter switches slightly from the topic of Japanese animation and comic books to the almost, quite similar topic of British sci-fi sitcoms set upon a giant red mining spaceship millions of years away from Earth… well, specifically just about one of those particular sitcoms really. From a very young age, I was a fan of Red Dwarf, though I can’t pretend I understood all of its (occasionally very risqué) jokes at the time.

For anyone unfamiliar with Red Dwarf, the premise couldn’t be simpler; a young third-technician (i.e. vending machine repairman) on the mining spacecraft, Red Dwarf, is caught having brought an unquarantined cat onboard which results in him being put in cryogenic stasis (essentially a form of imprisonment during which time stands still). When this young man, Dave Lister, awakes from stasis, not six months later as originally Read more ›

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Image Comic + Humble Bundle- A pretty awesome way to get a whole bunch of great comics!


Hey hey there, anifans! Today, Anime Reporter takes a little bit of a break from the worlds of anime and manga to talk about something I recently stumbled across; a nifty little site called Humble Bundle. This rather cool little site started up in 2010 and offers massive discounts on big bundles of things like video games, audio books and, in particular relevance to this post; e-comics. What’s more interesting is that, out of all the money given to the website, it gives you the chance to decide how much of the money should go to the site itself, how much to the parent company of the games, book or comics, and how much should go to a preselected charitable cause.


The idea behind Humble Bundle seems pretty simple, you donate some money, really, any amount of money that you want, whether it’s one cent or anything a whole lot more. Your donation will net you a whole bundle of treats, most commonly in the form of different video games, but it’s the Image Comics offer that I really want to talk about. For anyone not familiar with Image Comics, they’re pretty much the go-to American comic book Read more ›

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Review- Beyond the Boundary- Ghost and ghouls and…glasses?

Beyond the Boundary (2)

Anime Reporter brings you the word on Beyond the Boundary, the Complete Collection, currently available on DVD and Bluray in the UK and Ireland, courtesy of the fine folks at Manga Entertainment.

Beyond the Boundary (1)

Akihito Kanbara is just your ordinary high school kid: cowardly president of the literature club, has a major fetish for glasses and can’t die, when his life is turned upside down by the arrival of- yeah, you read that right, he’s an immortal, apparently due to the fact that he’s half human and half youmu (strange spirit-creatures), so you’d think his life would already be pretty Read more ›

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Review- Naruto the Last Movie, a film about love and stopping the end of the world.

The Last Naruto Movie DVD box art

Anime Reporter… Anime Reporter… Okay, so… basically… (I can do this)… Anime Reporter pulls himself together to bring you the word on The Last Naruto Movie, which is exactly what it sounds like. While a lot of films of anime series exist outside the continuity of their series, this one takes full advantage of its position at the very end of this story and ties up a few loose ends into a rather beautiful bow. Naturally, this means that there are some spoilers here for anyone who isn’t entirely caught up with the series, but it’s also a rather wonderful end on top of the series’ finale.

Spoiler Warning

This film is set about two years after the Great Ninja War with Naruto looking a bit taller, sporting a more conservative haircut and generally commanding the respect and love of his village and really the entire shinobi world. That said, there’s one person who Read more ›

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